Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Like WIC

Yesterday Billy took J. for his re-certification appointment at WIC. J. has grown an inch since his last visit and has lost a couple of pounds. The nurse said the weight loss was fine because he had been a bit chubby when he came to us. His iron count was a little low, however. I think it may be because we tend to give him apple juice more often than orange juice, and vitamin C helps the iron absorb. So that's something to work on.

In addition to the regular food vouchers, we received 5 vouchers for $2 each to be used at a local Farmer's Market this summer for fresh fruits and vegetables. We are very excited about this, especially because it doesn't look like our garden is going to give us the bountiful harvest we had hoped for: I always thought it was odd that WIC didn't provide fruits or vegetables (except carrots if you're pregnant or nursing) so this was a nice surprise. I still need more inspiration for the dried beans, though.
(To be fair, there is still hope for the tomatoes!)