Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was a day to remember. It started with a delicious breakfast cooked by my husband and included thoughtful cards, fun gifts, and yummy ice cream. Those babies have a way with words so I thought I'd share what they wrote in their card to me:

Thanks for being the best. You pick me up when I fall. You sing to me in the morning. Let's face it, you put up with a lot! To say thanks, I have 2 gifts: 1) A pacifier holder - I know it's a pain to keep picking it up. 2) Safari Roller - This'll keep me busy for at least 5 minutues. Thanks again, Mommy. You're #1.
Love, Baby Boy D.

I love it when you hold me close. I can tell how much you love me by your gentle touch and loving words. Thanks for saving me mommy! Here are my 2 gifts: 1) Fun Links 2) Teether. Let's face it. Anything to keep me busy for even a few minutes is a blessing just like you. I love you mommy!
Yours with hugs, snuggles, and kisses, Baby Girl M.

I know that I can be a handful sometimes. I pull all my toys out and destroy the lving room every day. I'm sorry. So to make it upto you I have two gifts: 1) Magic Wand - It'll make that mess go away before I can say, "ooh-LAH!" 2) Super Power Mints - Evvery super hero needs a boost . Have a great Mother's Day! Thank you for all you do for me. You're the best Mommy ever!
Love, Toddler J.

There you have it. Yes, the card made me cry. Plus my thoughtful husband got me a very cool new coffee maker. The kind that brews automatically.

For all this and more, I am blessed.


Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

Happy Mother's Day Anna! You dived into the deep end with motherhood and your babies are blessed to have you! The coffee maker is a good gift for this stage of life! -rlr