Friday, May 30, 2008

7 Months Ago

Seven months ago Baby Girl M. entered our lives.
A few days later we were told she would only be with us temporarily, meaning a few weeks at most. During this time I would just sit on the sofa and hold her and cry. Already it was too hard to fathom saying goodbye. The weeks have stretched into months and with each passing day the bonds between daughter and mother, daughter and father, and sister with brothers strenghthen. Each day that passes makes the day she might go more painful.

There is always hope. And that is one reason we kept M. (We were given the option of placing her in another foster home once we received the boys a month later.) Yesterday her CASA (Child Advocates San Antonio) volunteer came by for her monthly visit. From the way things are moving, there seems to be a greater chance now that we might be able to adopt her. The huge unknown is that we have heard word that there is a relative who wants her. But they have not contacted her case worker yet. The next court dates are in August and if rights are relinquished or terminated I believe these relatives would still have 90 days to come forward. So we still have a long way to go. But there is always hope.


Laura said...


Boy even that glimmer of hope means so much! I cried over and prayed for our Ben many times since they brought him to us at 6 weeks old. It is amazing how quickly we bond to these children that are not born of our flesh, but certainly born in our hearts.

I spoke with Ben's caseworker yesterday...and we do have some hope left to cling to. She really thinks that it is just a matter of time before his mother's rights are terminated and the social workers are moving very slowly and cautiously with his dad. His dad will have to do many things that are going to be hard for him to do...but if he fails at doing them, Ben will not be living with him. I am glad we are on the same page with the social workers and I am sooo glad that they are looking out for Ben's best interest and want him to stay with us, if that is possible. We are getting new judges on our case and we are hearing good things about them. So, for now, Ben will still be with us for awhile...and that is good to know.
Have a good weekend!

Laura...I saw you are LCMS. My husband is an LCMS pastor in Wisconsin!