Tuesday, September 20, 2011

365 Days

~Approximately 1-pound premature baby girl presents to EMS in towel with gasping respirations.  Fire crew suctioned, dried, and cut the cord.  Patient is cyanotic and limp, without palpable pulse.  Patient transferred immediately to unit and ventilated. Chest compressions also started.  Patient began grunting during ventilation and color improved from cyanotic to red.  Upon arrival at ER patient has weak cry, is opening eyes, and moves all extremities.


Happy 1st birthday sweet, precious Rebekah!  You are living proof of God's amazing power, protection, and love!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's Go On A Bug Hunt!

There isn't much incentive to go outside when it's miserably hot and dry, but we thought yesterday's rain(hooray!) might entice a few bugs to venture out, making the perfect opportunity to try out our brand-new bug-huts.

First, assemble your bug-hunting team.  (Coordinating outfits optional.)

Next, go over the rules:  No ants or spiders.  Avoid all poisonous insects.  The kids made a few rules of their own, such as "No stinkbugs" (Joe) and "No eating grass or ants.  And don't touch dog poop" (Mikea).  Awesome!  Let the hunting commence...
Well, the hunters quickly found out that the only insects to be found were ants, ants, and more ants.  Disappointment hung thickly in the hot, sticky air.
Daniel took it the hardest.
But the children persisted and soon discovered a purple of couple tiny moths.  Oops, I mean a couple of tiny purple mouths.  Um, moths. 

I handed out the nets and after a few failed attempts, Mikea caught a moth!
After a couple of minutes and under Daniel's watchful eye, Mikea decided to release her captive.  Good girl! 
Adrian was perfectly happy just finding rocks.  Oh, to be 2 again.
Overall, the bug hunt was kind of a failure, but it can only get better the next time we try, right?