Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Middle Child

Baby Boy D. is a true middle child. He does not demand as much attention as his big brother or little sister and sometimes I worry he's being neglected. For this reason, today D. gets his very own post.

D. has become an expert at pulling up and is showing interest in wanting to cruise along on the furniture. At his most recent physical therapy evaluation the therapist said he is 2-3 months ahead of where he shoud be as far as sitting and standing up. (This is due to high muscle tone in his legs.)

The red tunnel in the picture is one of D's favorite toys. He loves crawling through it and sitting inside with the tunnel upright. It's a great toy, by the way. It's actually a dog/cat tunnel Billy found at Dollar General. All of the kids love it.

D. is also becoming good at picking up small objects, something Mommy is a little uneasy about. A couple of days ago he was playing with the door stopper (You know, the ones that make the funny noise when you hit them.) Not a big deal, I thought. Then I noticed his hand was in a fist and was going to his mouth. The little rubber stopper on the end had come off. Duh, Mommy! Fortunately he isn't dextrous enough to get the objects from his hand to his mouth very quickly, and I was able to get there in time to remove it.

D. is a laid-back baby, content to crawl around, gnaw on things, and play by himself. Of course he has crabby moments, especially when he is overtired. When it gets really out of control, he starts the "typewriter cry", where his little head jerks back and forth. It's very sad. But most days he easily falls asleep on his own and consistently sleeps through the night.

Baby Boy D., we love you! We love your sweet smile. We love the way you laugh when you see your bottle when you're hungry. And we love the weird little way you like to flail your arms and hit yourself in the chest. God bless you, little buddy!


Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

For this very reason all of our door-stoppers are missing the white end. After repeated attempts to keep them out of Kyri's mouth, I gave up. Good luck with that! Warning: Next he will be prying the back off the remote control and sucking on batteries. My firstborn never thought of these things.-rlr