Monday, May 5, 2008

An Incorrectly Filed Intervention

Today was the permanency hearing for the boys. Both Billy and I were able to attend. (Thanks Beck, Lydia, and Ruth for coming to babysit!)

What we learned is that the intervention filed by the family was done incorrectly by their attorney. But neither the family members nor their attorney were present at the hearing. We don't even really know if they filed by the deadline. But the judge said that the attorney would need to be contacted to figure out what was going on. Everyone seemed in agreement that we should adopt, but we have to make sure that everything is done correctly so that no one can challenge it at a later date.

Our case manager said that sometimes families don't really want the children back, but they will file an intervention just to say they tried, or to put the blame on CPS and say CPS wouldn't let them have the kids back. The fact that they didn't even show up tells me this could be the case.

So, we still have unanswered questions and more waiting. But I feel more hopeful than I did before. Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers. I will keep you updated.


Laura said...

Yeah for a little hope! (Sorry, but I am following your story now.) We met with our caseworker today...who talked with Ben's caseworker. Ben's dad is being uncooperative. We will see if he shows in court next week.

The journey continues. :)


Anna said...

Thanks, Laura. I am following your story as well. Even though we don't know each other, we can certainly relate through this experience. Thank you for your comment the other day. I re-read them to comfort and remind myself that God's plan is the right plan, even if it's not what I want at the time.

Good luck in court next week!