Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sick Sunday

Little Kiki developed a runny nose, cough, and fever this past Friday. We attempted to call her doctor Friday afternoon, but the phone number we had no longer worked and Information had no listing under the doctor's name or the clinic name. Weird. The acetaminophen we had been giving her finally started to work, but her temperature was over 103 again this morning. So at 8:30 Billy took her to the ER where she was evaluated and given medicine for her cough and congestion and an antibiotic.

For these past three days Kiki has wanted nothing but to rest and be held, until finally this evening she perked up and started to play. She even danced to the music during the Kitty Half Time Show of the Puppy Bowl (I am not a Bruce Springsteen Fan so I switched to Animal Planet during half time of the Super Bowl.)

It hasn't helped that I've been sick as well, mostly with a hacking cough that forces me to sleep sitting up at night. Not too fun. Fortunately God blessed me with a wonderful husband who not only took Kiki to the ER, but got up with her several times Friday and Saturday night, brought his sick grandmother soup and medicine on Saturday, made sure I had the medicine I needed, and took care of those other two little kids running around this house. I'm on my own tomorrow, but at least I've been able to get some rest this weekend.


Billy said...

I did it for two days. You do it every day. You are the wonderful one!