Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Game

Since playing "Mystery Baby" was so outrageously fun, let's play "Mystery Substances on Daniel's Face"!

Ready? Let's begin.

Our first substance is a blue, somewhat trasparent material:
If you guessed "markers", give yourself one point. If you guessed "Crayola Beginnings Markers, Baby Blue" give yourself an extra bonus point.

Ok, on to substance #2: Pinkish chunks of color layered on top of the blue marker. Hint: The material is waxy.
The correct answer is: "crayon".
On to Substance #3: No hints on this one.
Yes, it's Play-Doh. Yes, it also ended up in Dan's mouth.

How'd you do? The point is to illustrate the hazards in doing arts and crafts with the kids. Dan and Kiki eat EVERYTHING. Joe loves to do "projects", and the other kids are old enough to want to join in, yet too little to handle the materials properly.
Finally, Dan asked that I include one more question in the game. It's not a mystery substance, but a mystery character. Who is he impersonating in this picture taken last year?

The correct answer is: Harry Potter. Thanks for playing!


Rachelle said...

What a creative game! I have the same thing. Kyri wants to do everything Ben does and you have to be right there.