Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something I'm Sure You Other Moms Already Knew

One of the hardest jobs I have right now is dealing with the mess the kids make when they eat. Food ends up everywhere at meatimes and snacktimes, both by accident and on purpose, and it drives me nuts because I have to clean everything five times a day: faces, hands, chairs, the table and the floor. I try to at least pick non-messy snack foods to give myself a little break, but today I failed miserably. A giant Ziploc bag of Oreos appeared in our refrigerator the other day and for some reason I temporarily lost my mind this afternoon and gave them to the kids for a snack. I thought it would be a "fun" treat. But besides being completely non-healthy, Oreos simply do not mix with toddlers. I should have stopped after giving them the very first cookie, but I panicked after seeing their hands and faces covered in slimy black crumbs. So of course I did what makes no sense at all: I gave them another cookie. And then another one. And that's when I noticed the inside of Daniel's ears were caked with cookie mush and realized that now I would have to give everyone a bath in order to get them clean.

Thus ended the Oreo experiment.