Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Fun

This time of year gets a bit tiresome. Billy has to teach Writing Camp at school every Saturday morning during February, and the rest of us are still battling various forms of sicknesses, so the days and weeks seem very long. Because one of the kids is always sick, we aren't getting out of the house very much, either. Plus the weather is just weird: bleak, yet too warm for February, and no rain. (For those of you who aren't from these parts, our area is enduring the worst drought in the country right now. And this drought began right around the time we put gutters on our house. I'm not kidding.)

Valentine's Day, however, was a bright spot in the midst of these doldrums. While at Writing Camp in the morning, Billy found an Olive Garden gift card he had overlooked in the flurry of candy and cards from his students on Friday. So we had a very nice dinner minus the crowds and the kids were in exceptionally good spirits despite being sick. I almost didn't want to put them to bed they were so mellow and happy. (Almost!)