Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Listening To Her Conscience

Several weeks ago while we were visiting my parents, my mom observed Kiki reaching up to grab an object from the window sill and then quickly turning to see if the rest of us were watching. My mother remarked, "That little girl's got a conscience, but she's not listening to it!" It was a funny moment, and there have been many times since where Kiki deliberately does something she knows she's not supposed to do, looks at me, and then laughs deviously.

But recently Kiki has been showing signs that she's starting to listen to the voice in her head. The other day she became angry because Daniel had a toy she wanted. Kiki bit down hard on a pillow and raised her hand to hit Joe (the hapless victim who happened to be closer to her than Daniel). But instead of hitting him, Kiki hesitated, looked at me, and said, "No!". She then gave Joe a hug instead of a smack. Imagine that!


Rachelle said...

That is precious.