Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rash Wednesday

Just when I thought this house was finally rid of the various sicknesses that we've endured during the entire month of February, Joe has broken out into an ominous-looking rash. It started on his face a couple of days ago, but I thought it was just dry skin. We had ventured out to the rodeo last Friday night, where there was a chilly wind and dust blowing around, and I thought that probably caused the redness on his face. But today the ECI lady noticed Joe had little bumps all over his belly. She cancelled the visit and suggested we take him to the doctor. I can't get him in until tomorrow, and in the meantime I hope it doesn't spread to the others.


Rachelle said...

Very clever title.
I hope it is nothing serious. It gets exhausting when it is one sickness right after another, doesn't it? (Or even worse, on top of another.)

Jamie said...

we hope you are feeling better. If you need to get out of the house next week come on over!