Friday, June 27, 2008

Mock Not, Lest Ye Be Mocked

Ok, maybe that's not really in the Bible. Or is it? Regardless, it probably applies to Billy and me because we tend to take full advantage of the fact that kids are fun to tease. But remember, it was the youths who were making fun of Elisha who got eaten by the she-bears, not the other way around. (Don't worry, we aren't being MEAN to them. We love them!)

For example:

"J., do you like to play with your toys?" "Yeh."
"J., do you like juice?" "Yeh."
"J., do you love Jesus?" "Yeh." (Noticing a pattern, Mom decides to have some fun.)
"J., do you like to eat spiderwebs?" "Yeh."
"J., are you good at solving quadratic equations?" "Yeh."
"J., do you want Barack Obama to be the next President?" "Yeh." (Suddenly this exercise ceases to be funny any more.)