Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Caterpillars Are NOT Cute

The other day I was disappointed to see a large hole in one of our green peppers. I figured the culprit was either some small unseen insect or an opportunistic bird striking while the dogs weren't looking. Billy suggested we try a pesticide, which I wasn't too excited about. Until today when I noticed this:

You can see piles of caterpillar poop under the plant if you look closely. (Not that you want to, of course.)

Forget the pesticide, we need a shotgun.


Bill Senior said...

Anna: I do not know if Billy ever told you that one of his dad's strength is the fact that I simply adore children. Since being introduced to your blog it absolutely awesome to be able to watch these three adorable children grow. I can not wait for the day that they turn around and reveal what certainly are some pretty awesome smiles!!! Hugs and kisses to all at the Texas Morrison household!!

Dad Morrison

Anna said...

Thanks for the kind words! We wish we lived closer so you could get to know them better.