Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Preview

Here's a sneak peek at what the babies will be wearing for Father's Day. We made these at MOPS. (Thanks, Jamie!) Actually I made these at home because I messed up the one I made at the meeting. Apparently I am inept at using an exacto knife and equally incapable of using an iron. But fortunately I finally figured it out. (Getting the handprints and footprints were no small feat, either. All I'm going to say is there was an accidental fire and I had to explain to M.'s caseworker that the red in her toenails was not blood.)

The green footprints are Baby Boy D.'s and the purple ones are Baby Girl M.'s. I figured J. could handle handprints. But I learned that a toddler with blue paint all over his hands won't listen to you when you say "Don't touch anything!"

IMPORTANT: If any of you fine people in Kerrville are reading this don't mention these shirts when we see you tonight. It's a surprise! Thanks!