Thursday, June 12, 2008

Growing Up

Little by little these babies are growing up! Almost 2 weeks ago Baby Girl M. poked out her first tooth. Within that same week she began sitting up on her own and crawling. She skipped the army crawl that Baby Boy D. used at first. Yesterday she pulled up to a standing position all by herself. Our biggest concern right now is that she still sleeps with us. It's the only way any of us can get some sleep, but we really want to break the habit.

D. scurries around the house like he owns it. He loves sneaking into our bedroom and pulling up on the side of the bed. He'll pound it feverishly and laugh like a maniac like this: "ha ha ha - ha ha ha". It's hilariously cute. He cruises along the furniture, can stand without falling for a couple of seconds, and is attempting to climb. At his 9 month check-up we learned he's in the 10th percentile for length and at or below the 5th percentile for head circumference and weight. I didn't realize he was so small. (I should have known, though, because M. is outgrowing him and she is in the 50th percentile for all measurements.)

J. is working on learning all kinds of new words. But he has decided to keep them all in his head for now. We are eagerly awaiting the day when he decides to actually say them. The closest thing to a word is a sort of "yeah" sound for "yes". But he doesn't always use it. He also thinks nodding your head means "I want that". He enjoys running around the backyard, cleaning up spilled formula, and reading books. He does not enjoy naps.