Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Huge Setback

Yesterday we received some bad news. Certain family members of J. and D. have filed for conservatorship. Apparently this was done within the 90 days, but we are just finding out about it now. I immediately called our case manager (who is wonderful, by the way). She said not to panic yet, that just because they filed does not mean a judge will grant them custody. Still, this is a hard pill to swallow. We thought we were in the clear and had already been referred for adoption even though the six month waiting period is not yet up. Legally there is nothing we can do until they have been with us at least 9 months (or maybe even a year). For the first time, we are having to seriously consider the fact that we could lose all 3 children and have to start over again. I'm not exactly sure how we will be able to do that. Prayers would be great. Thanks.


Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

Oh what a disappointment. I have prayed for you already and we will continue to do so.

Laura said...


I don't even know you...but I do know the pain and fear you are feeling. We are going through such times right now with Ben. I keep asking God "Why?" and it is so hard because we can't see the entire picture and we certainly do not know how it will all end. The only thing we can do is trust that God will see us all through...regardless how things turn out. He may have other plans for these children...or He may have planned for them to be with you. What you do know is that through your God given vocation as foster parents, He has given you charge of them NOW to love and care for them. This is where we live day to day, relying on God' stength and mercy to get us yet, another day. My heart goes out to'll be in my prayers.