Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What the Babies are Doing

Baby Boy D. is becoming more adept at sitting up. He still falls over from time to time, but nothing as bad as the face plant-onto-a-Mega Block-tumble he took over the weekend. (It left a couple of marks.) He still isn't crawling, but creeps around quite well.

Baby Girl M. has been spending a lot of time playing on her tummy. I was worried for a while because a couple of weeks after she learned to roll over, she stopped doing it. I think she forgot she knew how. But now she's at it again and can spend longer periods of time on her belly without getting frustrated. She's also doing that funny little scratching/raking thing they do with their fingers. She loves to bounce up and down when she is held.

Toddler J. likes to read his books, play with his trucks, and "clean" things with a tissue. He also likes to play with the golf club he got for Easter. J. still does not say any words, but has been making new sounds. He knows the signs for "more", "milk", and "all done" and we are working on "help". He would probably know more if I would spend more time working on it with him.