Monday, August 2, 2010

A Wedding and a Farm

Wow, at this rate it will be December before I finish our vacation posts!  I've got a lot more to share so let's just get on with it, shall we?

I was disappointed when I realized I didn't get very many pictures from the wedding or the reception.  I guess I was having too much fun!  The kids had a blast dancing with their aunts and I even danced once with my husband.  There were so many kind friends and family at the reception who were always ready to hold, dance with, and entertain the kids that Billy and I never had to manage more than one child at a time the whole night.  Here are a few shots I did get:

In the last picture you can see the friend Mikea made during the reception.  He was quite the little dancer himself and there was definitely some flirting going on between the two of them! 

The next day we took the kids to a dairy farm - Calder Dairy and Farms, to be exact.  And can I just say how much I love driving through the Michigan countryside?  The evergreen trees, the flowers, the beautifully landscaped yards?  But each time I started to consider packing up and moving I repeated one word to myself: winter.  'Nuff said.

So at the farm we met up with a horse-
And a goat -
The kids posed by the dairy truck -
And posed as my little ducklings -
Then we had yummy ice cream -
And posed one more time on another horse -
At the farm I realized that no matter how much I like to think I'm more of a country girl than a city girl, the truth is I am not.  At times the smell overwhelmed me and I had a hard time enjoying my ice cream with a goat staring me down.  But the kids had a great time and that's what it's all about, people!