Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre-Wedding Activities

Once we arrived at Grandpa and Mim's house in Michigan our objective was to try to stay out of the way while everyone prepared for the main event - Aunt Nikki's wedding!  But there was plenty of time for fun beforehand, including wet and wild silliness on a new Slip 'n Slide given to the 500 Babies by their soon-to-be new Uncle Justin.

Pure awesomeness! The kids didn't really get the hang of the run/dive/slide so Billy had to swing and throw them down - kind of like bowling balls!

Since Billy was doing a reading for the wedding ceremony he needed to be at the rehearsal.  It wasn't until we were all driving to the church for the rehearsal that I wondered why we were bringing all the kids with us.  Wouldn't it have made more sense for me to stay behind with the kids?  The feeling increased once I realized the kids were NOT sitting quiety for the rehearsal even though we brought a ton of snacks and "quiet" activities for them.  I spent the entire hour chasing, shushing, and generally feeling I had lost all control.  One of the activities I brought for the kids to do were sticker folders with little scenes like a castle, jungle, etc. It wasn't until later that I noticed what the folders were called: "Make-a-Scene".  Ha.  We made a scene all right! 

It all turned out to be a blessing in a way, though, because after the way the kids behaved at the rehearsal, I knew without a doubt that there was no way I was going to attempt to have them sit in the wedding service...and the fact that they wouldn't sit still for pictures beforehand confirmed this even more:
I couldn't get a single picture with all 4 kids looking at the camera.  Even the ones with Baby A. looking forward have one of the other kiddos looking away. No worries, though.  I say these pictures show personality!