Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Love Toledo

Well, I love the Toledo Botanical Gardens and the Toledo Zoo.  I don't really know much about the rest of the city, but those two venues are simply outstanding!

The day after we visited the Calder Dairy, we headed down I-75 to check out the Toledo Botanical Gardens.  Billy and I had gone there a couple of years ago before kids and loved it so much we knew we wanted to return.  Our visit was cut short by an impending thunderstorm (as we were racing to the car I was wondering how I would deal with 4 drenched kids - we stayed dry, thank goodness!) but we still managed to enjoy plenty of natural beauty.

The next day was zoo day!  We headed back to Toledo, this time accompanied by Grandpa, Aunt Kellie, and Seth!  For possibly the first time ever, the adults actually outnumbered the children. 
The kids wore out pretty quickly and we didn't see nearly all of the zoo, but we'll just save the rest for next time.
(I've undergone quite the internal struggle deciding whether or not to post the last picture above.  Here's why: On the one hand, photographs of all six of our family members are rare, and since Baby A. is hiding his identity by looking away, it's a great picture to post.  On the other hand, I look rather angry and who wants yucky pictures of themselves posted on the Interwebs?  Plus, I appear to be glowing.  And of course now by pointing this out, those of you didn't notice the first time are taking a second look.  You're nodding your heads and saying to yourselves, "Wow, she does look kind of annoyed. And she looks radioactive."  But if you look at the picture again, you'll see that there is a giant beam of sunlight blasting down on me, causing me to squint; thus, my dour expression. And apparently I'm just really great at reflecting light....  Oh brother, now I'm even more embarrassed!)


Laura said...

I liked seeing a picture of all of you together...I tend to tear up at beautiful sights and that is what happened when I saw all of you.

Rachelle said...

We can never get five us in a picture so I'm really impressed at six. And when we do, I always looked really stressed and overwrought. Perhaps because I am. :)