Thursday, August 5, 2010

500 Babies Visit Lake Erie

One of our last outings in Michigan was a drive over to Lake Erie.  It's where I got some of my favorite photos of the trip:

Grandpa and a few of his grandchildren.
Me and my Daniel.
Kiki and Grandpa enjoying a stroll down the pier.
Joe enjoying the swings.
 Joe being comforted by his father after I pushed him too hard on the swing, causing him to catapault out and land face-first on the ground.  (I panicked when it happened because only minutes before, a young man horsing around on the pier had fallen and knocked his teeth out!)
Serious Mikea.
Winsome Dan.
Pensive Dan.
Now see if you can identify the common denominator in the following pictures:
If you noticed that in every one Daniel is catching a free ride while Joe and Mikea do all the work pushing, you are correct.  I call it "Free-loading Dan".


Rachelle said...

Got to love that Dan. Though perhaps I wouldn't encourage him to seek elected office. :)