Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grapes Grapes Grapes!

Last winter I became very discouraged when I discovered that our grapevine had withered away to nothing more than a stick in the ground.  It had been planted by the previous homeowners, and I felt that I had let both them and the vine down by not giving it the proper care.  So you can imagine I was cautiously excited this spring when the tiniest of leaves began to grow from the "stick".  I was beyond thrilled when itty-bitty flowers appeared in the formation of a cluster of grapes and then newborn green grapes developed from the flowers.  Much to my delight, last week the grapes finally matured into these plump, purple beauties:
The kids had been eagerly awaiting the day when the grape harvest would begin and this Tuesday we all trooped out to the garden to pluck the firstfruits of summer (not counting the 7 or 8 strawberries and 3 blackberries we've picked, also courtesy of the previous homeowners).
We discovered that the family of swallows who nested on our front porch had beaten us to the harvest, but there's plenty of grapes for both of our families.
The grapes do have seeds, but if you pull them off the stem just the right way the seed comes out, too.
You just can't beat picking your own morning snack straight from the garden! 
Fresh, sweet, and juicy!