Wednesday, July 21, 2010

500 Babies Great Road Trip: Day 1

Well, we're back.  Twelve days, 10 states, and over 3000 miles later we are finally home.  The trip was all that we hoped for and more and now all that's left is to do laundry, unpack, do more laundry, put the house back in order, and do more laundry.  And sort through hundreds of pictures to pick the ones to share with you that best represent our journey!

The hardest part was explaning to the kids that it was going to take three days for us to get to Michigan.  Every time we stopped they'd ask if we were at Granpa and Mim's house, and every time we'd get back on the road they'd ask if we were going home!
Here's how we all fit in the van:
We did our best to stay organized: I packed each child's daily outfits in separate ziploc bags and they each had treat bags that we periodically added new activities and snacks to throughout the trip.  But by the end of the trip my organizational systems and the van were completely destroyed. 

Our first major stop was for lunch in good old Waco, Texas.  (Our plan was to eat packed lunches along the way.) I convinced Billy to follow the signs to the Cameron Park Zoo because it seemed logical that Cameron PARK Zoo must have a park nearby.  I think he was a little nervous because we didn't have a map and didn't really know where we were going, but sure enough we found a park with a playground AND restrooms.  So everyone got to stretch their legs and have some fun!
These lunch containers came in very handy!  No plates or plastic bags needed.
Me and my crew.

After lunch we got back on the road and continued our trek through Texas and on to Hope, Arkansas where we stayed the night. We were amazed (and a little creeped out) by the size and quantity of insect life in Arkansas. But it proved the perfect opportunity for the kids to use their dollar store bug finders in a field conviently located right outside our hotel door. 
The hunters disperse:
Mikea had the best discovery of the evening: a giant stink bug! (It flew away before I could get a picture.)
After the hunt we cooled off inside and went to bed. 

Thus ended Day 1 of the 500 Babies Great Road Trip.


Laura said...

Love the picture of all the kids sleeping! You are very brave taking them on such a long trip! :) Your blog always makes me smile.

Rachelle said...

A-Always knew you had tenacity but your level of bravery still astounds me. :) And you are sooo organized!