Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recovery Week

This week we're laying low and trying to recover from wedding weekend/Christmas week. We had wonderful visits with extended family, but almost everyone battled illness at some point last week. Daniel and Mikea had fevers the day before Christmas Eve, the baby had fever and lots of fussiness Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Joe had fever and vomiting on Christmas Day, and Billy's been dealing with asthma issues for over a week. So far I've been spared, except the past two evenings I've had body aches and chills.

Here are a few images of our Christmas celebrations: (Kretzmanns and former Kretzmanns will recognize the traditional Christmas Eve foods, complete with Christmas tree cookies.)
Opening presents on Christmas Eve:

More presents and stockings on Christmas Day:

Note the undecorated Christmas tree. It wasn't until the morning of Christmas Eve that I finally conceded and made the decision to leave it bare. All in all it was a good decision because we didn't have to pester the kids to leave the ornaments on and taking down the tree will now be a snap. All I have to do is yank of the lights and watch the dried pine needles fly!