Monday, December 21, 2009

500 Babies Go To A Wedding

As you might guess, taking the 500 Babies to a wedding is quite an undertaking. Billy's sister got married this weekend, and thanks to Nanny Cousin Lydia and our friends the Rancours, we were able to keep the kids from disrupting the ceremony and destroying the reception area. We arrived about 40 minutes early (highly unusual for us), which was a good thing because shortly thereafter a 3-alarm fire broke out in an apartment complex across the street and the roads were then blocked off.

Our secret weapon in keeping the kids quiet during the ceremony was lollipops. It worked for Daniel and Joe, but Mikea was determined to be as wiggly, silly, and loud as she could get away with. She wasn't too terribly bad, we just didn't want her to ruin the wedding. A cute moment was when during one of the readings Mikea heard the word "angel", and then she said out loud "Angel? Baby Jesus!".

During the reception, the kids had the best time running around the room and the dance floor, where they took part in a combination of dancing, frolicking, and chasing each other around. At one point I spotted Daniel heading straight for a tray filled with champagne glasses. I darted after him, but didn't get there before he grabbed a glass and tipped it to his mouth. Fortunately, the glasses hadn't yet been filled and everyone had a good laugh.

I didn't take too many pictures, but here are a few:

The last picture is Kiki and Mr. Rancour, or Uncle Jacques as our kids call him. He and his wife, Aunt Gina, are our very good friends and lifesavers as one or more of our kids were in the laps (or shoulders!) the entire night. I think poor Aunt Gina even got spit up on by Baby A.

All in all it was a great evening of fun and festivities. And of course we want to wish Lani and Joel congratulations and God's blessing on their marriage!