Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Littlest Cow

***UPDATE: Jamie has videos of the kids singing on her blog here. You can see Joe in the first one ("Hush Little Rooster"), but somehow he ended up in the second row for the rest of the songs and you can't see him at all. But Naomi is really cute so you should watch the other videos anyway!

Joe may not have sung any of his songs and he may have looked completely miserable while standing on the stage, but our little cow gave it a good try. We knew from the practices for the Children's Christmas Program at church that Joe probably wasn't going to sing. All we were hoping for was that he wouldn't cry. He came close, but managed to stay tear-free for the entire program.

Afterwards, there was a birthday cake for Jesus:
A dozen little kids then blew out the candles:Billy assured me that our pieces came from an extra cake, one not covered in kid saliva and candle wax!