Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nebulizers Anyone?

The two-year-olds went to the doctor today because they've had coughs, congestion, and a bit of fever for the past few days. Turns out they have breathing issues so the doctor prescribed nebulizer treatments for both of them:

The doctor said Daniel especially had really bad lungs, and that it wasn't because he was sick. He wondered if we had mold in our house but clearly that's not the problem because this house is only 2 years old and it was just inspected. Apparently it could be the dogs, it could be the change in weather, we don't really know. Both kids are going back in a few days for check-ups so maybe we can get some more answers.

Right now I just need to figure out how I'm going to give these guys their treatments in the midst of the chaos that is our daily lives. Daniel's are supposed to be every 4-6 hours and Mikea's every 6-8 hours. The treatments take about 10 minutes each, but I NEVER have 10 uninterrupted minutes to focus on doing one thing. (For example, today I reheated the same cup of coffee at least 4 times because I could never finish it in one sitting.) Maybe I can train them to hold the mask on by themselves. Poor little guys. They're troopers, though, and did really great for their first treatments tonight.


Rachelle said...

Poor little ones. Ben knows all about bad lungs....Could it be allergies? Here's to everyone feeling better soon. :)

Robyn said...

How much fun are nebulizers? Livie still uses one on occasion. She learned to hold hers fairly quickly, I'm sure your two will do fine.