Monday, November 2, 2009

Devine Acres

Saturday morning we packed up the 500 Babies and took a drive south of town to visit Devine Acres, a Christmas Tree farm that has a Pumpkin Extravaganza in October. (Thanks, Aunt Deb, for the tickets!) Uncle A.C., Aunt Beck, and Cousins Lydia and Ruth joined us for the fun.

There were cute goats:

A couple of mazes:

A hayride: (Had I known the expression on my face, I would have demanded a retake.)

Bouncy thing-a-ma-roos: (You didn't know that's what they're called?)

More cute goats (and a cute kid):

A playground with a sand area:

And a fishing pond:

We didn't have time to get to the sack races, pumpkin painting, dress-a-farmer, or marshmallow roasting. We'll definitely be back next year!