Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures in the Backyard

I'm not the kind of person who can come up with great ideas on the spot. I need time to think, plan, and research. Unfortunately, unless I think, plan, and research the next day's activities the night before, I'm usually scrambling around trying to put together activities at the last minute. I have books filled with ideas, but they're still packed somewhere. Anyway, today I decided I wanted the kids' outside play to have some structure. But it also needed to be easy for me to put together. And easy to clean up. Hmmm...what to do. Then it hit me! Why not have the kids paint the backyard fence with water?

Look at the joy!
The concentration!

The . . . ??? (I'm not sure what Daniel is feeling here. )

All seemed well until I traded out the paintbrushes for sponge brushes. Then the flinging began.

And it wasn't long before they decided to fling water on each other.

Dan and Mikea had a pretty good battle going on before I ended it. It reminded me of yesterday when they were fighting over a truck:
They both raised their arms to hit each other but thought better of it when they realized I was watching. Needing some way to express their frustration, they began grabbing fistfulls of grass and throwing it at each other. Rather than stop them, I did what every good mom does and took pictures.

They quickly resolved their differences, however, and all was peaceful again.


Laura said...

Love the last picture! Your children are such a joy and it brings me joy to see you having such a great time loving them!