Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun at the Beach

It's been a week since we headed down to the coast and I think I've finally recovered from the vacation. It took a week to prepare and almost as long to get everything unpacked and put away (and the kids back on their normal schedules) but it was worth every minute and every grain of sand, follicle of dog fur, and poopy swim diaper we dealt with. Here are my top 5 beach memories for each child:


1. Getting over his fear of the water and playing in the ocean with Daddy.
2. Letting loose on the swings at the playground.
3. Using the grown-up toilet for the first time.
4. Feeding the seagulls.

5. Flying a kite.

1. Running away from the waves every time the water came near her.

2. Mastering the "fake smile" whenever I asked her to smile for the camera.
3. Rubbing sand in her hair.
4. Saying "hi" to every dog we saw.
5. Being completely absorbed in playing with the sand toys.


1. Falling out of bed the first night of our stay.
2. Being the first child to say the word "animal". (He says "an-mal".)
3. Going through swim diapers like it's going out of style.
4. Dumping a half-gallon of water all over his head while sitting in his car seat.
5. Drinking too much red juice.

All I'm left wondering is how is one supposed to "reapply" the sunscreen on kids after they've been playing in the sand for a while. What a mess!


Bill Senior said...

Every time you post a new picture of the children they appear to have grown from the one's before. It looks like you guys had a blast at the beach!! Kim and I are looking forward to seeing all of you in the very near future!

Love Ya

Dad Morrison