Friday, May 29, 2009

Clothes Capers

It seems like every time I go to get the kiddos up from nap I have a surprise waiting for me. Last week it was Dan's crib pushed across the room and earlier this week I found Joe trying to climb into Kiki's crib (I think he learned his lesson because his leg got stuck between the slats and he had to be rescued).

The surprises also take the form of wardrobe malfunctions. Take Dan, for instance:

He's smiling for the picture, but he was near hysterical when I discovered him this way in his crib. The shirt was so twisted it was stuck and he could hardly move his arms.

Joe has also had some wardrobe mishaps of his own. This is what I found after nap on Tuesday:

Like Dan, he was also crying because he couldn't get the dress off by himself. I'm impressed he was able to even get it on. This incident led to our first discussion on gender-appropriate attire.

Kiki has clothing issues as well. But hers involve taking off her shorts and diaper and running around bare-bottomed; therefore, no pictures! :)