Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life With 500 Toddlers

Life with our children continues to get more exciting by the day. Earlier this week Dan and Kiki decided to redecorate their windowsill and wall with orange marker and pen. Joe never did anything like that when he was their age. However . . .

Yesterday when I went to get the kids up from their naps this is what I found:

You are correct if you're thinking that doesn't look like the best place for Daniel's crib. Joe, who usually is very good about staying in his bed, decided to rearrange the furniture and took Dan along for the ride. I could tell by the laughter coming from the room that they all thought it was great fun.

And of course, they are fascinated by toilets:
So far all they like to do is watch it flush, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we have to call the plumber.

And while most days I have moments where I just want to run away from the screeching and screaming and fighting, every single day is also overflowing with laughter and joy and silliness and love. I am still awe-struck at the gift God has given us in these three beautiful children!


Jamie said...

I'm just curious how you got this photo? Really long arms? standing on the toilet tank? standing on the bathtub? really, impressive!