Monday, August 25, 2008

Kiki Speaks

Several months ago I predicted Kiki would start talking before Daniel, and I added jokingly she'd be talking before Joe as well. Turns out I just might be right. She's been babbling da-da-da and other sounds for quite a while, but last Friday she actually said "hat." We were playing around with hats and I kept saying the word hat over and over and then she copied me. She actually said "h-a-t", not "ha" or "at". I have it on video, too.

Then I was panting like a dog (because it's the baby sign for dog) and Kiki panted, too. Later on I was showing Billy a video of this and when Kiki heard me panting on the video she panted again. Do I have to tell you how cute this is?? And, if she watches us eating, she copies the movement and sound of our mouths like she's eating,too.


Jamie said...

sweet! oh and I love her hair!!