Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Bad Experience

Did you know that if you are a foster family and someone accuses you of associating with neighbors who smoke marijuana that you have to take a drug test within 24 hours AND you have to pay for it yourself? ($61.50 per test)

We have had such a positive experience with foster care up until yesterday. Yesterday we were presented with these allegations, along with other accusations of poor treatment of our children. I can't understand why someone would do this to us and both Billy and I are dealing with some pretty strong feelings of anger right now. We are 95% sure of who made these false claims and having been praying for a forgiving heart towards them. We understand the need for children to be protected, we don't understand outright lies.

One of the claims was that there was crying in our house, then a "slapping sound", and then more crying. This makes me sick to my stomach. There was also a claim of "scary crying". Guess what? WE HAVE THREE BABIES!!!! And we just finished training a very strong-willed, very loud little girl to sleep through the night in her own bed after she was used to months of sleeping in bed with her mother and father. You bet she did some "scary" crying.

We have a wonderful caseworker who assured us that everything will be ok, that these things happen, and as soon as the drug tests come back negative we will be cleared. It's just an ugly blemish on a week that is supposed to be a happy time in our lives, as we will finalize the adoption of the boys on Friday.


Rachelle said...

Oh I'm so sorry. You really have to wonder at what goes on in people to make false accusations. I'm glad you have Friday to look forward to. :)