Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Glimmer of Hope

If you've been following our journey with Kiki, you know that it has been an emotional series of ups and downs, beginning with the day after we received her when we were told we were only a temporary placement for her and we felt the first sting of disappointment. Since then as the case has progressed, there have been days where we were more hopeful of our chances to adopt her, and then days when it seemed inevitable that we would have to give her up.

Currently we are waiting to hear whether Kiki will be placed with a relative of hers. However, this evening we received a phone call from her CASA volunteer, who told us she is recommending to the court that Kiki be adopted by us. She has some concerns about the relative placement and I would assume that Kiki's ad litem and CPS representative may have the same concerns, and they would also recommend that we become the adoptive placement. This is only speculation of course. So, we continue to pray and hope.


Laura said...

Got to hold on to those glimmers...but it sounds good, very good. I'll be praying for this to be done according to God's will.