Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Great To Be Three!

Our dear, sweet little Mikea celebrated 3 years of life today!
I modified a Raggedy Ann doll cake to make it a bit more ethnically-friendly and a LOT cuter!  :)
Mikea requested to eat the eyes of her cake and Daddy decided to give her the heart as well.  The cake went from adorable to gruesome in less than 20 seconds! 
Mikea's expressions should tell you just how happy she was today.  She's waited patiently for over 3 months, through all of her brothers' birthdays, to get to her very own special day today.
What a gift and a blessing to see her beautiful, joyous smile every day!  We love you, Kiki!


Jamie said...

Happy birthday Mikea!!! What a cute little her new baby too! and what a great cake Anna!