Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun with Rice

It's been too long since we last played with rice so one day last week I figured it was high time to bring it out again, especially since all it's been doing is taking up space on the shelf.  This time we took advantage of the gorgeous October weather and set up on the back porch.  That made for a much more relaxing and fun time for me because I knew we could just sweep the mess away into the grass.  Even Adrian got in on the fun this time.  All I had to do was keep him from shoveling it in his mouth and showering it upon Mikea's head.  (Fortunately rice comes out of her hair a lot easier than sand!) 

There's a lot of leftover rice in the grass, but the kids pretend the grains are seeds and plant their own little gardens. 

Our visits with Adrianna went well this weekend.  The nurses showed us how to lay our hand on her and watch a certain number on her monitor (not sure what it was exactly) that would move up and down based on how comfortable she was.  If the number drops below 90 that means she's agitated and needs a break.  When it was Billy's turn all was fine for a while but then the number started dropping.  The nurse couldn't figure out what was bothering Adrianna at first but then realized she needed a diaper change.  Then, as the nurse was holding up Adriana's little legs to change her diaper, Adrianna made another poopy mess! Oh my! I am a bit envious I didn't get to see all of the excitement. 

The nurse also told us that sometimes Adrianna sleeps with her arms and legs all sprawled out, which is exactly how Daniel sleeps.  In fact, last night he fell out of his bed (again) and Billy and I were laughing at how even as a baby for several weeks the only way he could sleep was strapped in his car seat.  Otherwise, he'd move around so much he couldn't fall asleep.  Billy says Adriana's features resemble Daniel's, but I can't really tell yet.  Her coloring is quite dark, though, so who knows?  I do know she is beautiful and growing stronger and for that we are so thankful to God.