Friday, October 8, 2010

Meeting Little Adrianna

Last night Billy and I were able to visit Adrianna for the first time.  She is improving!  She has gained back the weight she lost after she was born and is now up to 2 pounds.  She no longer needs oxygen, just a cannula to help with air flow.  Adrianna has also been weaned off the meds needed to treat her withdrawal symptoms from the drug exposure. 

She is absolutely precious!

We were able to touch her and marvel at how just how tiny she is! 

There is some confusion about what her name really is.  We were told Adrianna, but the name on her incubator was Elicia.  I asked the nurse and she double-checked the last name and confirmed it is the right baby.  I checked her little bracelet and it had the correct last name, too. We are planning on changing her name anyway if we are so blessed to be able to adopt her.

Now for some bad news.  This morning the judge decided to give Adrianna's birthmother 60 days to comply with certain requirements that if she follows through, steps towards reunification begin.  In addition, the biological family has found a relative to be the foster placement instead of us, if this person passes an investigation.  (The judge says this placement must be darn-near perfect if he's going to consider it.)  The really aggravating part for me is that for some reason the judge was operating under the assumption that Adrianna is only the third child to be removed from this mother, not the fourth.  I feel that had he known, he wouldn't be giving her another chance. 

That's all I'm going to say for now.  Honestly I'm too angry about what just happened in court today and I need some time to process the situation a little more.  We have zero legal right to Adrianna at this point, yet she already feels like our daughter.  But the most important thing is that she is doing well and for that we are utterly thankful.  Praise God!


Joy said...

Wow - what a lot of emotions you must be experiencing. I'm praying for you, Adrianna, and everyone involved -