Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hopeful Signs

Adrianna and I had another wonderful visit together Tuesday night.  We Kangarooed for 2 hours and then I changed her diaper.  You may have noticed I was pretty proud of myself the night before for changing her diaper so easily.  This time, however, Adrianna decided to challenge me and made the job a little more complicated!  (I'll let you figure out on your own how she did that!)
Then I checked her temperature.  She has a sensor attached to her body that is connector to her isolette which regulates the temperature inside in accord with her body temperature.  But before and after Kangaroo Care her temperature needs to be taken to make sure she's warm enough.  I've read that during Kangaroo Care the mother's body temperature rises and falls to maintain an even temperature for the baby.  What I'm not sure is if this is a hormone-related thing that wouldn't apply to a non-biological mom.  It doesn't really matter, though, because I kept her warm enough.  Dads can Kangaroo, too, for that matter.  (Adrianna really wants Daddy to get better so he can finally hold her!)
Yesterday morning we had a visit from Adrian's caseworker (who would have been Adrianna's worker but she's moving to a new department - Adrian's and Adrianna's new caseworker is now coincidentally going to be Mikea's old caseworker) and learned a few things that give us hope that things are moving in our favor.  As far as the relative who was brought in to be Adrianna's placement, it is up to her to contact DFPS to even be considered for the placement.  DFPS is not going to seek her out and she has yet to contact them. Placement will not happen until Adrianna is released from the hospital, which in my estimation would be December at the very earliest. The case is also supposed to be "fast-tracked" with parental rights possibly being terminated once 60 days from the last court date have passed. 

So, more waiting, hoping, and praying.  Good thing we have lots of experience with all three!


phyllis said...

News sounds good! Praying time will pass quickly and she'll be home before you know it.