Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I briefly had a moment of confusion trying to figure out the correct terminology: do you shuck corn or do you husk it?  Anyone else have that problem?  Just me?  Oh.  Anyway, thanks to Google, I learned that's it's both.  Now that that's cleared up, my children would like to demonstrate the task of shucking/husking corn:

Begin by peeling back the outer layers of the husk.  Wearing a sailor hat upside down will help you concentrate.

Keep pulling off layer after layer.  You may think it's all for fun, but you're saving your mom some work.  Plus, I'm sure there's got to be some fine motor skill development in there somewhere.

Keep going.  Don't freak out if you find a worm.  Your mom will freak out plenty for everyone.  (Thankfully, no worms were found during this shucking.)

Don't give up if you can't figure it out. 

Once you get the husk peeled off, start pulling off the tassels. (Or is it silk?  Or both?  Why is corn so confusing???)
You did it!  Now all that remains is to snap off the end and throw the corn into a pot of boiling water.  (Yes, your mom needs to do that part.)
And if you still can't husk your corn, just give it a nice hug.
Any questions?


wjamesmorrison said...

I don't husk it or shuck it...I eat it! Lol.