Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project 52: Club Aranda

Project 52: Date Nights logo
When I found out that my husband decided on this idea for our date literally 5 minutes before it happened, I was shocked.  Not that he waited so long to plan it (I've been there, too) but because it all came together so perfectly and was hands-down our most fun date yet.  We had had a minor disagreement earlier in the evening (about something ridiculous, as it always seems to be, in retrospect) so Billy decided we needed to just cut loose and have some FUN.  So my ever-creative husband transformed our living room into a night club!

He turned off all the lights, created a Dance/Club Music station on Pandora and played strobe light videos from YouTube. We ate grilled weiners on sticks (with 4 different dipping sauces because he knows I'm a fool for dipping sauces! oh yeah) and drank ice cold beverages. 

We grooved to a couple of songs and then I remembered we had some unused glow sticks from our trip to the coast a few weeks back.  I'm telling you, the glow sticks took the night to the next level.  See for yourself:
Even Brad, our pug, joined in the fun with his glow stick collar:
The night was just what we needed:  fun, silly, and out-of-the-box.  It proved you don't have to leave your house to have a night of dancing and I can't wait to do it again!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sounds super fun. Great idea.

Rachelle said...

So very you! Love it.

Anonymous said...

what a fun idea to just let loose. thanks for sharing! see you next week!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}