Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hooray for the Alphabet!

It only took forever (six months), but we finally finished working our way through the alphabet.  I tried to find something that began with each letter to use to cover an outline of each letter. I used many letter ideas from Hubbards Cupboard, but also changed several to make a better fit to materials we had on hand.  Joe made the ones you see hanging on the wall, but Dan and Kiki made their own as well.

Here's a rundown of what we used for each letter:
A - apples, B - beans, C - coffee, D - dots, E - eggs, F - feathers, G - glitter, H - foam hearts, I - ice cream, J - jeans, K - kittens, L - lentils, M - maps, N - numbers, O - o's, P - pink and purple pebbles, Q - Q-tips, R - ribbon, S - smiley sparkle stickers, T - toothpicks, U - umbrellas, V - vegetables, W - watercolors, X - (nothing, we just colored it with colored pencils and I showed them how to cross two colored pencils to make an X), Y - yarn, and Z - foam zoo animals.

I tried to give them the actual item to glue on as often as possible but had to resort to just pictures for a few letters.  (It's kind of hard to glue kittens to paper, you know.)  We also put the names and pictures of our immediate family members, pets, and Jesus under the appropriate letters.

Now the children would like to share with you their favorite letter and why.
Joe's favorite letter is W because . . ."Joe liked painting it."

Daniel's favorite letter is Z because . . . "It's my zoo animals."

Mikea's favorite letter is Q because . . . "I paint it."

I think we'll take a little break from the alphabet and concentrate on numbers for a while. But I'm super excited to start using this e-book I ordered from No Time for Flashcards, so we'll be back to the alphabet very soon!


Kara said...

Very cute! Love the happy, proud faces w/ their creations :-)

Isn't that e-book from No Time for Flashcards wonderful? SO many great ideas! I'm excited to use it with my second as he starts preschool next year - fun!

Best Wishes!

Jamie said...

nice work...I think we're still on D! I'm such a slacker! need to get that e-book, looks awesome! nice work! Now I just need to figure out where to hang my alphabet and get motivated!