Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One More Thing...

...and that's to give a BIG HUG and a THANK YOU for all of you who left comments here and on Facebook yesterday in response to my last post.  I am overwhelmed by the love, support, and encouragement you all gave to me.  And what I realized is that while every situation is unique, so many of you have had to deal with similar issues and that it just helps to know we're not alone.  The outpouring of support you all showed me completely outweighed any negativity of the experience and proved once again that God does work all things for good. 

Thanks for bearing with me as I work through these issues here in "public".  Writing about them helps me process my thoughts and feelings and figure out how to better handle them in the future.  We're definitely learning as we go around here, so thanks for coming along for the ride!  You all are the best.