Friday, February 26, 2010

Scenes From The Back Porch

I'm considering letting you draw your own conclusions about what caused the state of my back porch. 
You should know that my kitchen was the original setting for this "event".
I managed to get everyone outside before things got too out of hand.
What makes me smile is hard-working Joe, doing his best to sweep the porch. Of course he played a major role in creating the mess.
As did she. (Just look at my girl poppin' a wheelie!)
But look at what a great job Joe did cleaning up!
And no, I didn't even ask him to do it!


Mid-Craft Crisis said...

That is so funny. My kids make some huge messes. If they are in the right mood they won't rest 'til they have cleaned up. And then other times... it's like pulling teeth. Your little ones are the cutest.

Jamie said...

you should see our back porch! what a mess! just wish naomi could actually sweep and not just push it around!