Friday, February 5, 2010

Naptime Readers

A few minutes after I put the kids down for afternoon naps, I usually sneak back upstairs to spy on them.  This is what I saw today:
Oh how I love it!
Even Mikea appeared to have been reading. (Not that she doesn't like books, it's just that lately she's been sneaking all kinds of toys into her bed during naptime.)
But then I noticed something curled up in her hand:
Not loving that.


Rachelle said...

Children in bed is a beautiful thing for a mom! And readers! Yay! Kyri occasionally edited books at Mikea's age. Not nice.

Jamie said...

Naomi reads during nap time all the time now. And I hate the ripped books. I feel like I should buy a duplicate of every book, one to read and one to destroy!