Wednesday, September 23, 2009

House Update

I'm happy to report that we are inching closer towards selling our house. We received an offer about two weeks ago and have been dealing with negotiations, inspections and a few more repairs ever since. The timing was less than ideal because the offer came the day our agent left for vacation. We've been working with another agent in his office, but although she's been helpful with the sale, it was obvious that finding a home for us to move in to was not a priority for her. So we did what we could on our own, visiting a couple of new home builders and researching apartment complexes that offer short-term leases. The good news is that our agent is back in town and this Saturday we're going to finally get to look at some houses. He seems to think we may be able to do a lease-back agreement to get into a home and out of this one by closing on October 20. Let's hope! Otherwise some of you may find 500 homeless babies (and two dogs) on your doorstep!


Jamie said...

come on over...we've got room for 500 babies...and you and Billy too!