Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun with Shaving Cream

Three cheers for shaving cream! It's the wonderfully messy, yet delightfully clean way to have fun! Let's glop our hands in it!

Let's smear it all over the table! Let's draw pictures in it! Who doesn't love shaving cream??
Wait a minute. What's this?

Sadness? Tears? A toddler who doesn't like playing with shaving cream? (A toddler who regularly coats himself with whatever food he's eating.)
Yes, it's true. The shaving cream experiment was a complete diaster for Daniel. He hated it.
Sorry little buddy, I really thought you'd like it.

I won't make you do it again.


Rachelle said...

Daniel--You're my kind of guy. I hate messes and I grit my teeth every time I get out the finger paints or anything with glue or another messy substance. :)

Jamie said...

that's funny. you'd think Daniel would be all over that! Good for you for letting them try this! I'm not sure Naomi would be a fan, she doesn't even like to eat with her fingers because they might get dirty! I may have to try it though and stretch her boundaries! I know Micah would love it...and probably try to eat it!