Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Facts About the Fair

Nothing says "September" more than a county fair. Friday night was the perfect evening to hit the road and drive up to the Comal County Fair. While we were there, I learned a few things. At first I was going to call them facts, but they were more like revelations.

Revelation #1: Alpacas are even cuter in real life than the ones on TV. They're even almost as cute as the 500 Babies. But not quite.

Revelation #2: Pushing a side-by-side double stroller through crowds is extremely tricky. The handles are at just the wrong height. What I'm saying is that whilst navigating the crowded fairgrounds I inadvertently touched two strangers' behinds. Not fun. Highly embarrassing.

Revelation #3: I don't care how many blue-ribbons it won, but there is nothing appetizing about a meringue pie that has been sitting in a hot exhibit hall for three days. Pretty much all of the food was gross-looking. And I realize the judges had to taste the entries, but do the half-eaten brownies still need to be on display?

Revelation #4: Roosters can be beautiful. I had no idea there were so many fancy varieties. I thought a rooster was a rooster was a rooster. I was amazed at the diversity of sizes and colors.

Revelation #5: Getting a funnel cake for the road seems like a good idea, but it's not. Funnel cakes should not be consumed in a vehicle, especially a vehicle in motion. They have a tendency to slide right off of those flimsy paper plates. The interior of our van is now covered in powdered sugar.
The kids were tired and crabby by the time we left, but it was worth it. One of these years I want to trek up to the State Fair, but that involves a five-hour drive. I can only imagine the revelations that trip would bring!


Jamie said...

hey, let's do the state fair thing sometime...I think that would be awesome!

mary said...

Oh what fun! We love it when the fair is here.