Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun with Scorpions

As if I needed any more excitement in my life, the other day I discovered a scorpion in my washing machine. At first I thought it was dead because it went through an entire wash cycle and looked like this when I found it:

I almost picked it up with a paper towel to get rid of it, but decided to leave it to show Billy. I checked on it a couple of hours later and it looked like this:

Yikes! It was resurrected. I racked my brain (or is it wracked?) trying to figure out a weapon long enough and sharp enough to kill it. At first I tried a pick-axe, but it got stuck in the washing machine and I couldn't really wield it with enough dexterity to deliver a death blow. I ended up using a marshmallow toasting stick-wand-thingie to stab it repeatedly. The scorpion was only a couple of inches long, but I think it was the largest creature I have ever killed. Many years ago I once thought I had run over a baby bird with a lawn mower, but what I thought was gore was really just poop. (I had only scared it. A lot.) What a relief!


Rachelle said...

Wow! A scorpion. And how did it survive a wash? I'm glad you didn't kill the baby bird. That kind of thing would traumatize me for life. I still feel bad about the opossum I ran over.